The Ultimate Competitive Advantage

Airlines spend millions of dollars each month to promote their services and to set themselves apart from the competition.

Imagine how much money they could save - and thus how much more money they could make - if their brand was a ubiquitous dictionary word that is already being used by millions of people every day around the world, and that has multiple meanings, and that can be used in different parts of speech?

Such a brand would be a BONANZA of a marketing vehicle because of its unmatched ability to capture mind share in an instant.

The same holds true for "ORIENTED Cruises".

Imagine the customer experience on a flight to Shanghai:

  • At the departure gate, the monitors show "Oriented to Shanghai."
  • On takeoff, cabin crew says, "Welcome to Oriented flight 888 to Shanghai." The "oriented to Shanghai" is subtle, but effective.
  • Passengers peruse the in-flight magazine for places to eat and things to do. It's found in the section, "Shanghai Oriented".
  • The ORIENTED app allows passengers to connect with each other. It's a long flight, so why not network with others?
  • In preparation for landing, the captain announces "We'll be oriented in Shanghai in thirty minutes." The airline is utilizing every possible touch point to establish brand recall.
  • The in-flight magazine includes coupons to local restaurants in Shanghai and other pull-outs for passengers to take with them, helping them to get oriented around the city.
  • At the hotel, people can check the ORIENTED app for restaurants and things to do. It is tied to the website content and to the in-flight magazine they were reading earlier.
  • VIP and business travelers are invited to a VIP reception = added value and increased brand loyalty. Face-to-face networking is key to doing business in Asia.
  • Even something as simple as ORIENTED t-shirts can serve as both a revenue stream and a marketing tool - think walking billboards! - while increasing customer loyalty.
From just that ONE experience - every single time that your passengers see or hear the word "oriented" going forward - they will be hard pressed NOT to think about your airline.

It is a supremely valuable asset because there is only ONE such word in the entire world that can create THIS kind of value - a competitive advantage that no other airline can overcome.

Not Air China.
Not Thai Airways.
Not Cathay Pacific.
Not Singapore Airlines.


The creative possibilities with "oriented" for ad copy, marketing campaigns, marketing collateral, and more are unlimited. And a company name with a word that is used by millions of people worldwide is priceless – literally – because it is perpetually reinforced, every single day, at no cost to you.

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