Market Trends

#1: Airlines spend $50 million to $250 million per year on advertising

CNN: Don't laugh: Vanilla Air, Peach and other budget airlines mean business

Any airline that is operating in Asia or has plans to expand to Asia will benefit greatly from a memorable and catchy brand like ORIENTED Airlines. Money spent to acquire the brand is justified, given annual spend.

#2: The demand for air travel across Asia is at an all-time high

Businessweek: Asia's Budget Airline Invasion

"Cathay Pacific Airways is preparing for war. No, it's not a battle over first-class lounges or lie-flat beds... This time the Hong Kong-based airline faces a potentially more daunting challenge: budget carriers. As incomes rise among tens of millions of consumers across Asia, air travel is becoming a reality for the masses. That’s given rise to a breed of low-fare rivals... all competing wing-to-wing against traditional airlines... " (read more)

#3: Asia's middle class is exploding

Huffington Post: The Expanding Middle Class in Asia

"The explosion of Asia's middle class is stunning. The size of this group currently stands at 500 million and will mushroom to 1.75 billion by 2020... The world has never seen anything like this before; it's probably one of the biggest seismic shifts in history... " (read more)

#4: By 2020, China will be the world's top travel destination

Asia Times: China to be world's #1 tourist destination by 2017

"China will become the world's #1 tourist destination in 2017, three years earlier than forecast by the World Tourism Organization (WTO), according to a Chinese tourist official. The WTO has predicted that China will receive 137 million overnight inbound tourists in 2020, thus becoming the world's largest tourist destination... " (read more)

#5: By 2020, outbound travel from China will reach 200 million

CLSA: Outbound Chinese tourists to double by 2020

"... by 2020 outbound mainland tourist numbers will reach 200 million... and tourist spend will triple." "The key driver is US$8,000 per-capita GDP as well as more annual leave, visa relaxation, worsening mainland pollution, and an increasingly overloaded domestic tourism infrastructure... " (read more)

#6: By 2022, China's middle class will reach 630 million

The Diplomat: Half a Billion: China's Middle-Class Consumers

"China's urban middle-class population alone... is larger than the entire U.S. total population today. The pace of change has been extraordinary." and "For instance, these consumers are much more likely to travel abroad. Over the past year, one in ten of the urban upper middle class made at least one trip overseas and this share is rising rapidly... " (read more)

Airline Brand: Advantage ORIENTED