Advantage ORIENTED

"ORIENTED Airlines" seems like a great name for an Asian airline. The word "oriented" means to be aligned with or positioned towards a specific direction. It also connotes the regions of Asia.

It's a nice play on words, but how does it affect the bottom line?

Because "oriented" has multiple meanings and can be used in different parts of speech, mind share can be captured more creatively and effectively, across a wide range of marketing channels. Your ad dollars have a higher ROI, and that translates into higher profits.

For example, imagine that you bought a ticket on ORIENTED to Shanghai:

  • At the airport, you wait in the VIP lounge for your connecting flight. The lounge is called "ORIENTED Connections."
  • On takeoff, cabin crew says, "Welcome to ORIENTED flight 888 to Shanghai." The "oriented to Shanghai" is subtle, but effective.
  • You peruse the in-flight magazine for places to eat and things to do. It's in the section, "Get Oriented in Shanghai!"
  • The in-flight magazine also refers you to the website for more ideas on what to do in the city (see mockup).
  • You're curious to know who else is on board - a potential client or business partner, perhaps? The ORIENTED app let's you connect with other (participating) passengers.
  • In preparation for landing, the captain announces "We'll be oriented in Shanghai in twenty minutes." The airline is utilizing every touch point available to maximize brand recognition.
  • In the cab ride to your hotel, you see a guy on the street wearing this and wonder what that's all about.  How clever.
  • At the hotel, you check the ORIENTED app for restaurants and things to do nearby. It is tied to the website content and to the in-flight magazine that you were reading earlier.
  • You are invited to a VIP reception for frequent flyers and business travelers. Face-to-face networking is key to doing business in Asia (see video interview), so you go.

By then, you are hooked.

ORIENTED is meeting your travel needs well beyond the flight itself - from getting around town, to meeting new people, to expanding your networks - by strategically integrating content across multiple devices and platforms.

You are getting more bang for your buck.

Most of all, you feel like a member of a vibrant, global community with a desire to see the world - not just a passenger flying to and fro.

The creative possibilities for ad copy, loyalty programs, social media campaigns, media partnerships, marketing collateral, community marketing, event sponsorships, and public relations are unlimited.

The word "oriented" is timely and relevant.

It is clever, and it resonates with the target audience.

It is fun, catchy, evocative, and memorable - even contagious!

And a company name with a word that is used by millions of people every day is priceless – literally – because it is perpetually reinforced around the world at no cost to you.

The ability to 1) increase brand awareness, 2) deepen customer engagement, and 3) capture global mind share - faster and better than your competition - is the advantage of being ORIENTED.